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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- breaking right now. new video surfaces of the prisoner swap between bowe bergdahl and taliban leaders as the controversy over the exchange grows. severe weather. strong storms produce tornado and large hail. heavy flooding for parts of the country. and it's not over yet. dramatic rescue. a sheriff's deputy jumps into action, risking his own life to save a teenager stuck in rough surf. an entire wedding party, an old dock and a lake makes for a memorable event. good wednesday morning to you. we begin with those major, new developments.
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>> for the first time we are seeing the handover of bowe bergdahl by the taliban to u.s. forces. the new video just released by the taliban, shows bergdahl in the backseat of a pickup truck, blinking his eyes and appearing to listen to those around him there. he is dressed in traditional afghan clothing. a blackhawk helicopter lands. bergdahl is brought out by two taliban fighters. one of them with a white flag. the video does not pick up any audio. he is taken toward the helicopter, which he boards. the video shows it flying away, ending bergdahl's five years in captivity. abc's tahman bradley has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the army is preparing to reinvestigate sergeant bowe bergdahl's disappearance in afghanistan. as soon as the former p.o.w. is well enough to talk, the military will be looking at potential misconduct in his disappearance and capture. a senior defense official tells abc news, there's evidence bergdahl willingly walked away from his post. according to the official, sergeant bergdahl wrote a note
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before disappearing, saying he was disillusioned with the mission. fellow soldiers say there were signs. >> he wanted to know how he could send his computer and some of his belongings home. and he asked me how he could get some money. >> reporter: the army still needs bergdahl's side of the story. a ballet instructor and roommate of bergdahl's back in idaho, described the man she knew. >> the bowe i knew wasn't a quitter. he was a deserter. i don't know for a fact that this is what he did. nobody does. >> reporter: the controversy about the deal to secure bergdahl's freedom won't go away. >> it is ill-founded. it is a mistake. and it is putting the lives of american servicemen and women at risk. >> reporter: even democrats in congress are upset the white house did not inform them that five high-risk taliban detainees would be swapped for bergdahl. >> i strongly believe that we should have been consulted. >> reporter: u.s. officials closely monitored bergdahl's health in a series of hostage videos released during his five years in captivity. and abc news has learned that
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president obama made the deal as new video emerged, seen only by the u.s. government, showing an increasingly frail and disengaged bergdahl. this morning, doctors remain concerned about bergdahl's mental and physical health. so, they're not letting his family and friends welcome him back. john and linzie? >> tahman bradley, there live in washington. thanks so much. in europe, the president found himself defending his own decision to strike a deal with the taliban. mr. obama met this morning with the president-elect of ukraine, as he helped mark 25 years of free rule in poland. later today, he'll be in belgium, where he will attend the meeting of seven industrialized nations. russia deliberately left out of those talks. now, to a dangerous storm system raking across the midwest. >> a major outbreak of torrential rains, ferocious winds, large hail, even some tornados. this morning, it's on the move. it stretches more than 200 miles from nebraska to illinois, taking aim on the ohio valley. it's called a derecho. intense, dangerous winds and rain, also called an inland
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hurricane. across a wide swath of the midwest, near 100-mile-per-hour winds shredded trees, tore off roofs and knocked over tractor-trailers. storm chasers reported at least eight unconfirmed tornado touchdowns in nebraska, wyoming and this one caught on video in missouri valley, iowa. near omaha, nebraska, flooding from up to four inches of rain stranded motorists and triggered evacuations. abc's clayton sandell is there. >> those severe thunderstorms, they the finally arrived. you might be able to see just how fast the clouds are moving behind me. we've had lightning, thunder and so much rain that now the concern is that streets may flood. >> reporter: elsewhere in nebraska, huge hail came crashing down. some as big as tennis balls, slamming into houses, shattering windows, and pummeling cars, smashing through windshields. residents were warned to stay indoors for their own safety. torrential rains today, meantime, not only could increase the risk for flooding. but for motorists, they could unleash blinding downpours and the heightened risk of hydroplaning at speeds as low as
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35 miles per hour. that same storm system is now moving into the east, taking aim at the ohio valley. a new low pressure system behind it just east of the rockies, now building steam, as well. >> accuweather meteorologist jim dickey has the latest. good morning, jim. >> good morning, john and linzie. tracking dangerous thunderstorms here through these early morning hours. fired earlier on during the evening across nebraska. tracking off to the east across iowa. across northern missouri. producing gusty winds, large hail and torrential rain. flooding will be a major issue here, as these storms continue to track east, as we head on through the afternoon through the evening. two to four inches of rainfall, spreading all the way into the ohio valley through late today. along with that, powerful thunderstorms, once again. across the ohio valley, spreading on into the mid-atlantic during the overnight hours. john and linzie, back to you. >> thanks, jim. to politics now. a few interesting primary results. in mississippi, six-term senator thad cochran is locked into a tight battle with tea party favorite chris mcdaniel.
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returns from 98% of the state's precincts showed mcdaniel ahead, but not by enough to avoid a runoff. in california, governor jerry brown has taken the first step towards a record fourth term. he easily won the democratic party. he'll face former u.s. treasury official neel kashkari who won a very tight race on the republican side. new details in the boston marathon bombing. prosecutors say suspect dzhokhar tsaranev told his mother in an e-mail days after the explosions, that he expected to die. they say he wrote that he would see her in the afterlife. tsaranev has pleaded not guilty ahead of his trial scheduled for november. a new york man now faces hate crime charges in connection with the assault on donald sterling's former girlfriend. dominick diorio was taken into custody yesterday and faces several other charges, as well. v. stiviano has told police that diorio and another man used racial slurs as they attacked her outside a new york hotel sunday night. security is tight in central beijing this morning on the 25th anniversary of the tiananmen
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protest. scores of police and paramilitary troops patrolling the vast plaza in the city's heart and surrounding streets, as the government tries to head off any demonstrations. access to social media has also been restricted or disrupted. hundreds of unarmed protesters and onlookers were killed by government troops 25 years ago. scientists are keeping a close eye on alaska's most active volcano after two days of rumbling. the pavlof volcano erupted, sending a plume of ash 22,000 feet into the air. and the cloud drifted about 50 miles east. but the seismic activity is subsiding this morning. and the alert for aircraft has been lowered from the highest level. now, some stuff from outer space. nasa is out with a new full-color photo showing what it says is about 10,000 galaxies. it's a composite of more than 800 pictures taken by the hubble space telescope. all of those galaxies believed to be about 5 billion to 10 billion years old. meanwhile, astronomers have identified what's being called a megaearth. it's 17-times heavier.
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twice as big as our planet. they say it could support life. but it's so close to their sun there that it might be too hot. coming up, an overhaul for panera. the major menu changes getting a lot of attention. and safe at sea. a rescuer bravely battles big surf coming to a teenager's aid. the new, dramatic pictures that are out this morning. and kerry's catnap. the secretary of state's humorous response to a moment caught on camera.
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at 15, i was addicted. by 40, i'll have lung disease. at 50, i'll die of a heart attack. dr. regina benjamin: cigarette smoke causes immediate damage that leads to health problems, even death. those who quit or die are being replaced by a new generation of smokers. i'm dr. regina benjamin, united states surgeon general. go to learn how to make our next generation tobacco-free. automakers are enjoying a big jump in sales. one of the best months for the industry since the recession.
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they sold about 1.6 million vehicles in may. that's nearly an 11.5% increase from a year ago. the surge is being attributed to good weather and the fact that there were five weekends in the month. panera bread is joining a growing trend, announcing plans to remove artificial additives from its food. panera will drop artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives by 2016. the chain of bakery cafes has about 1,800 locations across the country. but it's been facing slowing sales growth. and the fbi is offering up to $10,000 for turning in anyone lazing planes. it's part of a crackdown of the dangerous problem of people shining lasers into the cockpits of airplanes, blocking the pilots' view of controls during critical takeoff and landings. some pilots have even been temporarily blinded. lazing incidents are on the rise with almost 4,000 last year alone. instagram is out with several new photo editing features. the photo sharing app is offering a wider range of
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filters, along with new tools to control the brightness, contrast highlights and shadows of the pictures. the new tools are available for both apple and android devices. with father's day about ten days away, a new study says we will be spending less on dad this year. >> poor dad. it finds americans will shell out about $114 on average. that's down from nearly 120 bucks last year. >> and it's significantly less than the almost $163 spent on mom for mother's day. that doesn't sound fair at all. >> no, it doesn't. when we come back, a lot of people were surprised to see dan marino's name on a list of former players suing the nfl. apparently, so was he. and swept off their feet. a wedding party, take a look. yep. they take the plunge, when the dock gives way.
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sfx: car unlock beep. almost. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's one of our big stories. battered houses, broken windows, disabled cars and shattered windshields. it's all part of that particularly dangerous storm
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system raking across the midwest. hail the size of tennis balls rained down across nebraska and iowa. even punching through some rooftops. now, for a look at your morning road conditions. that major storm system pushing into the ohio valley, will create flooding conditions from iowa to the east coast. blinding downpours and conditions right for hydroplaning at speeds as low as 35 miles per hour. the storm system behind that will create wet roads through the midwest. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in denver and chicago. more news now. shocking charges of racism at a memphis cotton warehouse. >> two black workers say they were taunted with racial remarks, called monkeys and told that the water fountain and microwave were for whites only. after months of enduring this treatment, one of the men decided to use his cell phone to record the conversation as he tried to use the microwave. >> i was going in there. ask them to use the microwave. you can't use the microwave because you're not a white man. and the white man won't let you use the microwave.
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>> now, the equal employment opportunity commission is investigating discrimination claims after the two workers filed a federal complaint. good for them. now, to a dramatic rescue off the coast of oregon. a sheriff's deputy and 14-year-old boy he was trying to save, struggling to stay afloat for nearly an hour in the 50-degree water. the teen had been pulled to sea by rip currents. finally an officer was able to reach them by a lifeline. and all were slowly pulled back to safety. and there's the hero deputy who jumped in to save the boy. thumbs up from his hospital bed, right there. >> all right. two drivers with the uber ride sharing company have been arrested in separate incidents. a san francisco driver is charged with assault, accused of elbowing a passenger in the chest. and an uber driver in los angeles was charged with kidnapping a passenger after she'd been drinking. surveillance video showed him carrying the woman into a motel room. she said the driver was shirtless when she woke up. but he allowed her to leave. now, to dan marino's
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about-face. the hall of famer backing out of a lawsuit against the nfl. the former star quarterback withdrawing his name from a suit that claims the nfl knew for years about a link between concussions and long-term health problems. marino issued a statement overnight saying he never attended to attach his name to the suit. but he was involved just in case symptoms showed up later. a scary situation last night at the brewers game in milwaukee. a fan fell about 15 feet from a dining area into the brewers' bullpen. the game was delayed as the man was carried on a stretcher, wearing a neck brace. he was conscious and alert, being carted off and taken to a hospital. the brewers' pitcher was warming up. said that the fan was motionless as he arrived to help. on a brighter note, university of alabama football coach, nick saban, goes into the coming season with a massive new contract. saban will earn $6.5 million in base pay for each of the next eight seasons. fees and bonuses could add more than $1 million more. some say he's worth it.
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the crimson tide have won three of the last five national titles. >> wow. big money. saban's team doesn't take the field until the end of august. but another alabama team was in action last night. >> highlights from their games. and some baseball, now, from our friends over at espn. >> good morning, america. john buccigross, chris hassle, as we take a look at some action from the world of sports from a tuesday night. yasiel puig, one year anniversary of his major league debut. little late to b.p. >> little bit. little bit. >> but still got the start. meanwhile, jose abreu. he's been one of the great stories this young baseball season. the young rookie, 17th home run. and the white sox lead 2-0 early. bottom four. that was dan haren who threw that pitch to abreu. now, dan haren tries to get a base hit and help himself. but doesn't happen. gordon beckham. white sox win, 4-1.
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little smaller dimensions here. 'bama/florida. women's college world series. florida needing a win here to win a championship. and they tie it up in the first. on a stephanie tofft homer. big blow came from kristi merritt. three-run homer in the second. gators up 5-1. they won game one. it's a best of three. 'bama needing a big comeback in the seventh. jadyn spencer. well, she's going to leave the tying run on-deck. and the gators celebrate their first women's college world series title. 33 national titles in all for the university of florida. stanley cup finals begins tonight. l.a./new york. nba finals begins thursday, spurs and heat. >> good morning, america. >> thanks, guys. some fun stuff here. and because it involves bowling, we made it our "play of the day." the video features one of the world's best bowlers, jason belmonte, and the guys who call themselves dude perfect.
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not only do they use real bowling alleys, they also take it outside to a skate park. >> now, among the best shots, the so-called flying eagle which actually uses two bowling lanes. check it out on youtube. as you said, it's a lot of fun. >> impressive. >> that's awesome. up next in "the pulse," john kerry is responding to his little catnap during a conference in poland. and a couple of guys go from hunters to rescuers. [ woman ] i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could. it's how i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin but wondered, could i focus on something better? my doctor told me about eliquis for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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check out secretary of state john kerry, apparently struggling with a case of jet lag. >> cameras catching kerry dozing off during mr. obama's news conference with poland's president. in response to a question about it, kerry later tweeted calling it, quote, just a really long blink. >> good sport. you can't blame him. >> just resting his eyes. just resting my eyes. that's all. and you can't say the president isn't pumped up to be overseas. he was working out with some dumbbells at his hotel there in warsaw. >> by tonight, mr. obama will be in brussels, belgium. >> what do you reckon those weights were? >> about ten-pounders. happy family reunion in georgia, thanks to a good samaritan who didn't ignore calls for help. >> andy wooten heard a baby crying near a lake. when he got closer, it turned out to be a newborn deer. stranded in the water, tangled in the vines. he carefully freed the fawn which he believed was born just the night before. >> wooten also pulled out another fawn from the lake. he stuck around until momma deer
4:24 am
returned to retrieve her babies. >> precious. >> very cute. with a wedding to plan, i'm taking note. don't go on the dock. this bride, groom and their entire party, 22 people in all, prove why i'm saying that. >> man, oh, man, look at that. a couple of lucky ones. check it out. they made it off the dock. this happened in minnesota last week. a few bridesmaids made it safely to land. everyone else in the water. >> that was another incident there. the lure of the dock has proven to be too strong in the past, as well. these videos also went viral. even the flower girl going in there. and this one from michigan, a dozen people taking the plunge, along with the bride and groom, of course. >> we've seen, obviously, so many of these videos. you would think at this stage of the game, the dock shot might not be the best idea, guys. >> people will do anything for that picture, though, won't they? >> yes. what do you do after that? do you go in a wet suit? do you put it in the dryer? what do you do? >> the last group hung out in their underwear and dried off. >> that's interesting. for some of you, your local
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. it is 4:28 in the morning. >> thanks for joining us. katiei am kristen sze. back, kristen. >> i have enjoyed the afternoon both. can we order up another one, mike? >> we can. a heat wave will start with the winds only nine miles per hour in fairfield and eight at sfo so the marine layer has definitely loosened its grip. there are still clouds, no doubt, but not so thick or as widespread as yesterday. our inland east bay will lead the charge. you will be around 82 to 92. the coast into san francisco is 60 to 67 and the rest of our neighbors around 69 to 83 into
4:29 am
the south bay. now good morning to leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, happy hump day. it is wednesday. the weekend is ahead. we are wondering what will happen with the muni situation today. we will wait to see if there will be extra buses added to the float were this is the possibility. we will track that for you so be prepared for more delays today. well look at what is happening on the roads if you travel through oakland. we have a construction southbound from 880 great washington to oak with lanes blocked until 5:00, and 580 is moving along beautifully and a look at the toll plaza, coming in from emeryville, the cause paying lanes are loading up but the rest of traffic is moving smoothly into san francisco. >> in san jose there were two fires this morning. flames broke out in the two story apartment building at trade winds drive. two people were treated and released but 11 people are
4:30 am
displaced now and red cross volunteers are helping them find shelter. this fire was put out in 40 minutes. the other fire was on >> a deputy fearing for his life has shot killed an 18-year-old woman during a confrontation at the moon ridge housing complex at 930 last night. the deputy believed the woman was armed after responding to a report to a family disturbance. the woman died at the seen. no word if a weapon was found. >> san francisco muni riders are dealing with a third straight morning of the muni workers' sick out. we already see signs it will be a rough commute. our reporter is at west portal with the latest. >> i just spoke with a representative who tell me it is hooking better today but they are still


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